02/25/18 - Raleigh, NC This Sunday, Raleigh music legends, The Connells, perform to help restore the North Carolina they know and love. There are just a few spaces remaining. Sponsorhip is the best way to guarantee your space for this one-of-a-kind experience: Sunday, February 25 Central Raleigh location (provided upon RSVP). Sponsors Reception: 4-5pm. Performances: 5:30pm And 7pm. Oysters by Chef Sunny Gerhart of St. Roch. Top Legislative Challengers. Current Sponsors: Dr. George Stephen DeCherney Carson & Bryan Brice l Allen Wellons l Sara & Tom Graves l Molly Painter l Jennifer Dolan & Andrew White l Linda & Robert Grew l Gail & Joe Austin Betsy & Leonard Jernigan l Jennifer & Gary Cohen l Olivia Holding l Victoria Moore l Stefanie & Doug Kahn l Wiley Nickel l Diana Browning l Benji & Gene Jones David Meeker l Lise & David Sherlin l Lisa Angel & Andrew Smarra l Jai Kumar l Aylett Colston l Jonah Garson l Eric Surface l Yolanda McGill l Bess & Zeke Creech Sponsorships: $5200, $2500, $1000, $500. Space is Limited. RSVP:,, or 919.719.3907. Now or Never NC P.S. We need 4 seats to Break the Supermajority. You are needed to make that happen. One way is to click here to become a Sponsor and reserve your space now. P.P.S. Please email to learn of other opportunities to attend this event. Paid for by Now or Never NC Now or Never NC Now Or Never NC ยท Raleigh, NC, United States To stop receiving emails, please reply UNSUBRSCRIBE. You can also keep up with Now or Never NC on Twitter or Facebook.

04/29/18 - Wake Forest, NC - Six Sundays in Spring

05/05/18 - Richmond, VA - The National