A True Story and a Strange Coincidence

In April of 1987 the band was on its first tour of the West Coast.  We played in San Luis Obispo on the 5th of April and were driving to Chico for a show on the 8th.  Somewhere north of Sacramento on I-5 we passed a sign that showed how far the distance was to Redding, CA.

I began thinking…..I have heard of Redding before but how/when?  Ah, I remembered after a moment of reflection.  A girl, Heather, who had been in my fourth grade class in Durham, NC was from Redding originally.  Her dad was a professor who had gotten a job at Duke, so he moved his family from California to Durham and his daughter and I ended up in the same classroom at Fayetteville Street Elementary.  I had a crush on this girl, but she didn’t seem at all interested in me, so after the school year was over I never gave her another thought nor saw her again as our family then moved to Macon, GA.

So after 17 or 18 years I found myself thinking about the little blond haired girl in my fourth grade class on whom I once had a crush.  That one small detail that stuck in my head all those years and jogged my memory, that Heather was from Redding, led to an unbelievably weird coincidence.

The very same day that Heather re-entered my consciousness The Connells played the show in Chico.  I don’t remember much about the performance other than that not too many people showed up.  After the show a few people were milling around and I saw George Huntley talking to a young lady.  He waved me over and said  “David, there’s someone you need to meet.  She used to live in Durham”.

David Connell

PS  After speaking with Heather I found out that she was not from Chico but was visiting a friend and ended up at the show.  She didn’t know anything about the band, she didn’t know we were from NC, and she had no memory of me at all.



Old Tour Dates

Over the years of touring I kept records of where and when The Connells played. While doing my diligent record-keeping I figured that one day it might be interesting or amusing to look back, perhaps a memory or two could be triggered that otherwise would have been lost in the fog. Well, I have decided to pick a random month/ random year and list the tour dates we did and share a couple of anecdotes. I chose April 1994. The line-up was the “classic” one: Mike and I, Doug, George, Steve and Peele. The crew consisted of Jimmy Descant (road manager), Tim Harper (sound), Dave Goforth (guitar tech), Des White (drum tech/ lights), George Werner (merchandise), and Darrell Boudreaux (bus driver).

So here goes….

4/6/94 Univ. of Nebraska Health and Sports Complex
4/7 Boulder, CO Fox Theater
4/8 Salt Lake City Salt Air Ballroom
4/9 Bozeman, MT Shroyer Gym
4/12 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
4/13 Ames, IA People’s
4/14 Minneapolis First Ave.
4/16 Moorhead, MN Concordia College
4/18 Iowa City Gabe’s
4/19 Springfield, MO Regency Showcase
4/20 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
4/21 Columbia, MO The Blue Note
4/22 Chicago Vic Theater
4/23 Oxford, OH Cook Field, Miami University
4/25 Bloomington, IN Mars
4/27 Chapel Hill UNC Memorial Hall
4/28 Atlanta Masquerade
4/29 Memphis New Daisy
4/30 Rock Hill, SC Fairgrounds
5/1 Louisville, KY Kentucky Derby Festival

Only The Connells could devise a one month tour that could comprise of Moorhead MN to Atlanta, GA. But fortunately we had our trusty Darrell Boudreaux to drive us safely through it. On the way he gave us many gems that we added to The Connells’ lexicon, some of which we still say to this day in our imitative Cajun accents: “I’m glad I scarfed down a couple of those tacos ’cause I was feelin’ a little malnourished”. Or “Scientists and diuretics (SIC) have proven that cultures that don’t eat a lot of meat and potatoes don’t look too good.”

Jimmy Descant gave a wonderful sandwich recipe on the tour that used the most available ingredients:

Mayonnaise (pronounced MAN-EZ)
Potato Chips
on wheat
mash it if you want

But perhaps the funniest quote of the tour came from George, pontificating on late-night eating: “It’s like putting quarters in the jukebox; I just hope a pretty song plays.” And “Late night eating didn’t used to be so unfair to my physique”.

I’m glad I kept those records!

Signing off,