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Over the years of touring I kept records of where and when The Connells played. While doing my diligent record-keeping I figured that one day it might be interesting or amusing to look back, perhaps a memory or two could be triggered that otherwise would have been lost in the fog. Well, I have decided to pick a random month/ random year and list the tour dates we did and share a couple of anecdotes. I chose April 1994. The line-up was the “classic” one: Mike and I, Doug, George, Steve and Peele. The crew consisted of Jimmy Descant (road manager), Tim Harper (sound), Dave Goforth (guitar tech), Des White (drum tech/ lights), George Werner (merchandise), and Darrell Boudreaux (bus driver).

So here goes….

4/6/94 Univ. of Nebraska Health and Sports Complex
4/7 Boulder, CO Fox Theater
4/8 Salt Lake City Salt Air Ballroom
4/9 Bozeman, MT Shroyer Gym
4/12 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
4/13 Ames, IA People’s
4/14 Minneapolis First Ave.
4/16 Moorhead, MN Concordia College
4/18 Iowa City Gabe’s
4/19 Springfield, MO Regency Showcase
4/20 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
4/21 Columbia, MO The Blue Note
4/22 Chicago Vic Theater
4/23 Oxford, OH Cook Field, Miami University
4/25 Bloomington, IN Mars
4/27 Chapel Hill UNC Memorial Hall
4/28 Atlanta Masquerade
4/29 Memphis New Daisy
4/30 Rock Hill, SC Fairgrounds
5/1 Louisville, KY Kentucky Derby Festival

Only The Connells could devise a one month tour that could comprise of Moorhead MN to Atlanta, GA. But fortunately we had our trusty Darrell Boudreaux to drive us safely through it. On the way he gave us many gems that we added to The Connells’ lexicon, some of which we still say to this day in our imitative Cajun accents: “I’m glad I scarfed down a couple of those tacos ’cause I was feelin’ a little malnourished”. Or “Scientists and diuretics (SIC) have proven that cultures that don’t eat a lot of meat and potatoes don’t look too good.”

Jimmy Descant gave a wonderful sandwich recipe on the tour that used the most available ingredients:

Mayonnaise (pronounced MAN-EZ)
Potato Chips
on wheat
mash it if you want

But perhaps the funniest quote of the tour came from George, pontificating on late-night eating: “It’s like putting quarters in the jukebox; I just hope a pretty song plays.” And “Late night eating didn’t used to be so unfair to my physique”.

I’m glad I kept those records!

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  1. Great stuff, I hope you continue to publish the touring history. My memory is foggy on the particular dates I saw you guys in Texas in the early 90’s but my memory of the shows are as clear as ever.

  2. David, I’m real sorry I never had the opportunity to see you guys live.
    My first exposure to the Connells, was visiting the CMJ back in the 80’s in NYC, and I picked up an EP which had Scottys Lament ( diff version than album) and If It Crumbles.
    I bought Boylan Heights, then Darker Days, and every album/CD that came out.
    I had only wished the band had as much success here as you had in Europe
    when Ring was released.
    I see new clips on youtube pop up, with the Connells playing some places in NC, and it’s fantastic that you still perform, and STILL sound GREAT!!
    Continued success and good health.

    I made a video a few years back about a reunion with my high school friends…and it features 74-75 ( no surprise there).
    Link is here:

    My best to all the guys.
    Thank you,

  3. Saw you guys on this tour in Atlanta at ‘The Masquerade.’ Y’all’s show that night Rocked!! It was an added bonus to have met you all at the meet and greet earlier in the day, you were all really nice as hell to everybody:)

  4. That is awesome!!! I saw you guys in State College PA sometime in October LOL, in the early 90’s I believe – but I still remember the show to this day, it was AWESOME! Thanks for a great memory, and please come play in PA again – LOL, I have a 15 year old son who would love to see you guys 🙂

  5. Great idea! Me and my brother were just reminiscing after reading this about how we got kicked out of the Masquerade show when I went backstage. Your music always brings back great memories of great times in our lives of high school and college. How the Connells never went HUGE is beyond me.

  6. The Connells were one of my favorite bands ever. Was in college at Kentucky, saw them in Lexington at the Red Mile field I think it was. I remember it was cold. Folks had built fires in those big oil cans they used as trash bins.

  7. Ah! I remember when you guys closed the show with NY’s “Rockin in the Free World”…

    This is all great, David, thanks. I have been preaching the gospel of the Connells since 1989, in every time zone and every crowd, and for all the comparisons I remember hearing early on, sheesh, I really don’t think there was ever anything quite like you guys. All of it still sounds gerat in 2013. Thank you. I know obligations must pull you guys different ways now, but my posse’s down if you’re on the road again (Philly? eh?).

    Carry on

  8. I first got turned onto your music when I was assigned one of your albums for review when I worked at CMJ. I think it was probably Weird Food & Devastation. It was a while ago and I’ve bought all your albums since then, and you quickly became one of my favorite bands. I still hope to see you live someday. If you ever tour again, please come to NYC!

  9. i saw you at the blue note that night in 1994 while going to college 1.5 hours away. a million memories for that night, and then i ended up moving to chapel hill, nc the next year. you never have any idea how what you do touches people. most never get the chance to tell you.

  10. I really wish The Connells would do a US tour again. I’m just one of many many young fans that love everything the band did!

  11. I saw you guys back in 87-88(?!) in Iowa City at Gabes. Pretty sure it was right before or soon after Boylan Heights. I just started college. It was a 21 bar and I was 18 – snuck in! So nervous sitting up front trying to stay out of the way of the bouncer. I had Darker Days from seeing “Hats Off” on 120 minutes. Think about what a kid had to do to find THAT vinyl back in the day in Iowa! Anyway, Mike sat down and talked to me. As a dumb kid that was pretty cool. You guys were like rock stars to me. Thanks for being down to earth.

  12. Easily among my favorite all-time bands. The Connells were in the regular rotation on WLUR 91.5, the college radio powerhouse at Washington & Lee University. We first saw them live in the front room of Club Clearview in Dallas, Texas when they were touring on Boylan Heights and playing stuff from Darker Days…the duelling Rick 12 string period (I believe Mike’s was natural with a black trim and George’s was blue, maybe?). Subsequently saw them numerous times at places like The Cockpit at W&L and all sorts of college gigs around Virginia. One of my great memories: ca. 1988 I was a cadet at VMI and, typically for me, confined to the campus for breaking rules. But I was on the newspaper staff, so I was allowed to leave campus in order to drive to Charlottesville with hopes of scoring an interview with Mike Connell at The Mineshaft. He spotted me after the gig, recognized me from other shows (cuz I was usually yelling “1934!!” obnoxiously), and granted me “the interview”. The greatest guys, great band from a wonderful period, and part of some of my most cherished memories…got some setlists somewhere, too.

  13. Just wondering…I seem to remember seeing you tour with Catherine Wheel in Los Angles (The Palace) on Oct 27th, 1993. Is this correct??? =)

  14. I was at that Concordia College show….we affectionately called it “Cornstock.” You gave one helluva show! One of the best concerts, ever! Course it helped that I took philosophy courses from another Connell on that very campus to help form the vibe and love for you guys!

  15. David,

    I am the GM of The Tide. We have recently expanded from Williamsburg to the VB/South Hampton Roads market. I am working on a launch party possibly in January. Do you know who I can contact within the band to inquire about booking for an event? You can email me at the address above or call me at 757-897-0280.

    Thank you!
    Zack Wittkmap

    • Hi Zack, I forwarded your message to the band’s manager. Please let me know if you don’t hear back soon. Sorry for the delay.
      Tim Harper

  16. My old college roommate from pa turned me on to the connells, what a great sound. They were like a soundtrack to my college years along with some others like the smiths, cure, depeche mode etc… the connells were right up there and are still one of my favorite bands today. Unfortunately i never had a chance to see you guys, i check all the time hoping you’ll pop up in NYC sometime soon. I’ll keep checking, hope your enjoying life….

  17. I find myself continually buying your music to this day, although the formats have changed over the years, since first hearing your band while stationed at MCAS New River, NC. A buddy of mine from Raleigh had you on cassette. I loved it! The Connells stood out as a beacon overlooking a sea of mediocrity. I cannot to this day comprehend how you weren’t signed to a major label recording deal! Are you still together? I live in NH and have been self promoting your music for decades. It still motivates and inspires me!!! Best wishes and fondest regards!!!

  18. Huge Connells fan from the beginning! Soundtrack of my college years in the late 80s was the Fun and Games CD. I just saw them this past weekend at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC and they sounded great! Kudos to the Furman Alumni Association for helping set the show up. We have a huge group of friends ready to go see the band whenever and wherever they decide to play again…fingers crossed some more shows will be scheduled!

  19. Looking back to the success of your single 74-75, I wonder if you’ll bring up a remake or a new “20th-anniversary-version” in 2014/15, maybe with a new video? I think your fans (especially your European fans?) can’t wait for it!

    Kind regards from Germany

  20. Come back to the Hampton Roads area! (Norfolk/Va. Beach VA). I, and soooo many of my friends, have so many fond memories of dancing the night away to The Connells at the Boathouse in Norfolk, and would so love to see you again. You were at the Norva last year sometime, but we missed it due to not hearing about it until the last minute :(. Can’t wait until you guys return! Certainly one of the major highlights of my teens and 20s!!

  21. Hello Connells!
    Green Parrot shows were the best!! Miss you guys! Last time I saw you I was bartending in the Portuguese restaurant in Sea Bright NJ (’93-94′ maybe) and ended up driving Doug to the gig down the road at Tradewinds. Still listen to the Connells to this day and remember all your shows from ’88 and beyond. We were talking about you guys at a Dramarama show not too long ago. You were so much of the Jersey Shore music scene without even being from there. Few bands made that list! We think of you still! Hope all is well…

  22. sooooooo…..a show that’s “TBA” on december 18th…do i smell a richmond, va date in the making?!?! come on now…saw you at the norva 2 years ago and at the strawberry hill amphitheater many times in the 90’s…the good people of richmond are due!!!

  23. Hello from the Jersey Shore, Guys.
    I echo Jane’s posted comments regarding New Jersey. Your Green Parrot and Fast Lane (not to mention Maxwell’s) gigs were always a GREAT time and we eagerly looked forward to your returns to NJ. While the Parrot, Tradewinds, and Fast Lane (and WHTG, for that matter) are no more, we still have thriving live music venues here (Wonder Bar, Asbury Lanes, The Saint, and Stone Pony in Asbury Park alone!). Any chance we can get y’all to make the trek north for a night of great music and memories with good friends in the Garden State? We’d LOVE to see you. Cheers!

  24. I remember seeing you guys at the Tusk in Tuscaloosa on the Strip, in the 80’s. WVUA played you all the time. Then several years later at Fitzgeralds in Houston around 1992. There was a girl who worked at one of the clubs in Buckhead who was a groupie of yours and I got to know her when I moved to Atlanta in 1989. I considered you on par with The Smithereens and REM. Those where the days, where did they go? Now my daughter goes to Alabama. Geez.

  25. Just another major fan! Followed you guys around the east coast from the boathouse to hammer jacks and the 930 club. My friends and I couldn’t hear you enough, unfortunately a few of us moved out west and one night you answered our wishes and showed up in San Diego at the brick by brick! God bless the connells…

  26. I remember you guys at AV Tech around 1987-88 just a bit after Boylan Heights release. The bar was Jacob’s Lantern, the Marriot at that time. Just a great show in such small venue.

    I also remember 1991 playing at VT for Theta Chi. You guys signed my Darker days CD, that had just been released in CD format. Sad story is that someone stole the CD out of my van a few years later. Such a sad loss of a souvenir.

    Saw you guys in Charlotte 3 and 4 years ago…..as close as you get to VT. I miss George, but life happens. The dual lead singers made you guys the best. My favorite band, along with AC/DC.

    Keep rocking in your spare time. I’m always ready to buy anything new.


  27. I am sitting her listening to Get a Gun at 10:00 AM EST heading into Christmas. I can not sleep and I found this site and wanted to thank you for all of the great music. I saw you in Tallahassee at the The Moon circa 92 and in Pensacola shortly after. Love the drums and melodies. Surely there is no better band in history. If you are ever playing in Orlando, or Hell, anywhere, I want to know. I will make it there. I will keep listening now and always. You really have been a big influence.

  28. Haha. I opened up for the Connell’s at the Beach Club (Orlando) back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Can’t remember if Aleka’s Attic and/or the B-52’s was on that bill or not (played another show there around that time). If they do come back, we need to reunite! Good times! Trig

  29. In 1991, I was just a high school punk senior who’d landed my first job as Security at Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC. The evening was July 4 and you guys were the first band to ever play at the newly constructed amphitheater. I remember the call came over the walkie-talkies that the gates had been opened and about 30 seconds later, a wave of humanity came pouring over the crest of the amphitheater lawn. You guys brought the house down that night culminating in an amazing fireworks show to Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner. I’ll never forget that night. I’m stoked to share that I just picked up two tickets to see you next month in Greensboro at the Carolina Theater. Keep rocking guys..your music continues to inspire me 23 years later!

  30. Saw you in Columbia, MO at least twice, on Washington Ave in St. Louis once and at the Purple Gator in Myrtle Beach. Had no idea you guys were in town and we were there on Spring Break. Driving home from lunch we saw your name on the billboard and had a fantastic night. Thanks for being so original. How about that Blue Note in Columbia it had to be a favorite.

  31. Never got to see you guys live – You are the last of my favorite bands that I have never seen live. Maybe someday… I wish I was rich so I could bring you all up here for a show.

    The first time I heard you, my sister had a copy of a copy of Boylan Heights. I heard The Pawn playing from her room and was dumbstruck. I burst into her room (rude, I know) and demanded to know who was palying. Even though that first exposure was from pirate tape, I happily forked over my cash for each new Connells album.

  32. I first saw you guys at the University of Central Florida in the early nineties. I was not a student; I was in my mid to late thirties, and just wanted to catch a band that night. I had read about a trio from Boston that was playing at UCF, (I don’t remember their name), so went to check them out. They were the opening band, opening for you guys. So after them you came out and just started kicking ass, I was totally blown away. You were on tour supporting the One Simple Word album. The next day, I went out and bought the CD, which is the only time in my life that I’ve seen an unknown band one day and bought their CD immediately after. And I’ve been a fan ever since. Forever thereafter, whenever someone would ask me who my favorite bands are, I would answer “The Connells and King’s X”. And most people had never heard of either one. I’ve seen you guys again since then, and, to this day, my favorite song is Another Souvenier. But my favorite CD is RIng. It’s an amazing album.

  33. David, I lived as a Tennessee exile in Springfield, MO from Fall ’93 until Winter ’94. One of the highlights and prized memories of that year is seeing you play at the Regency. An old college buddy had turned me onto the Connells after graduation with ‘One Simple Word’, which I like to this day. ‘Ring’ really sealed the deal, and seeing y’all live in support of that one keeps your catalog in my collection. Thanks, man!

  34. Great memories of the Saltair show above but the real show was six months or so earlier at Saltair with the Catherine Wheel. Waited all summer for Ring and nobody cared that 74-75 wasn’t in the set because it wasn’t on the radio yet. It was an amazing night to be a Connells fan in Utah. Very different crowd the second time around when 74-75 was the only song most people knew

  35. Very similar sentiment to other posters above that as a college grad from early 90s you guys killed it. Found you again on Apple Music and have not turned it off. Saw you in philly in a tiny club and every person there knew every word…it was awesome. Thanks for the fantastic memories and absolutely great music

  36. ahh memories of the Connells live…. Peele knocked over my drink at the old 8×10 in Baltimore while I was roadieing for the opener…Sunday Cannons…. didn’t replace it or apologize… $4 down the drain…. then there was the time you were double booked and missed the show with O Positive at the 8×10 since you had a gig in North Carolina on the same day or the WHFS Inaugural Ball in ’93 at Constitution Hall with Peter Himmelman, Live and Basehead where Mike’s amp died a few songs into the set.. it would be nice if you could head up to Baltimore or DC

  37. I saw you in Buffalo NY headline at a club I believe was called the Icon. I believe it was 1990 (give or take a year) but I can’t remember the exact date. Can you confirm and do you have the date in your records ?

    Hope to see you tour again!

  38. This band was my and my friends favorite band growing up in Virginia Beach (’90-’94!). We saw them countless times at the Boathouse in Norfolk. Before we could drive, my Mom would deliver about eight of us in her minivan. I still love this band. Would cry tears of joy and nostalgia to see them play live again! So many memories. We played “Lay Me Down” at my late brothers funeral and the beauty of that song combined with memories of seeing this band together elicited so much emotion from me. It will be hard to hear it after without the same reaction. What a songwriting and vocal gift. Love these guys.

  39. I recall that The Connells played a great show in Boston back in the 90’s. I believe they were the back up band but can’t remember the headliner (Hoodoo Gurus? The Ramones?). I’d love to see them again if a tour ever brings them to this neck of the woods.Or perhaps a road trip is in order…

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