A True Story and a Strange Coincidence

In April of 1987 the band was on its first tour of the West Coast.  We played in San Luis Obispo on the 5th of April and were driving to Chico for a show on the 8th.  Somewhere north of Sacramento on I-5 we passed a sign that showed how far the distance was to Redding, CA.

I began thinking…..I have heard of Redding before but how/when?  Ah, I remembered after a moment of reflection.  A girl, Heather, who had been in my fourth grade class in Durham, NC was from Redding originally.  Her dad was a professor who had gotten a job at Duke, so he moved his family from California to Durham and his daughter and I ended up in the same classroom at Fayetteville Street Elementary.  I had a crush on this girl, but she didn’t seem at all interested in me, so after the school year was over I never gave her another thought nor saw her again as our family then moved to Macon, GA.

So after 17 or 18 years I found myself thinking about the little blond haired girl in my fourth grade class on whom I once had a crush.  That one small detail that stuck in my head all those years and jogged my memory, that Heather was from Redding, led to an unbelievably weird coincidence.

The very same day that Heather re-entered my consciousness The Connells played the show in Chico.  I don’t remember much about the performance other than that not too many people showed up.  After the show a few people were milling around and I saw George Huntley talking to a young lady.  He waved me over and said  “David, there’s someone you need to meet.  She used to live in Durham”.

David Connell

PS  After speaking with Heather I found out that she was not from Chico but was visiting a friend and ended up at the show.  She didn’t know anything about the band, she didn’t know we were from NC, and she had no memory of me at all.



21 thoughts on “A True Story and a Strange Coincidence

    • Eric,

      My spelling is correct in the piece. Please check again. Thanks for “reading” it.


      PS I did spell Redding incorrectly in the first posting, but I caught the error and corrected it almost immediately. I won’t be so sloppy next time.

  1. That was a crazy story! Miss seeing you guys play….last show was block party in Chicago with FJB. Listen to you guys almost on a weekly basis and many of your songs are still my favorite. Hope everyone is doing well and crossing fingers for some possible dates down the road.
    Lexington ky

  2. My friend Monte Malone and I saw you in Arizona at the Asylum. I think there was maybe 40 – 50 people total. It was great to see one of our favorite bands of all times. It was such a small venue, but we were happy the show was so intimate and awesome. Good on you!

  3. Thanks for sharing and great to have an update! I used to see you at Einstein a Go Go in Jacksonville Beach. Wanted to share with you that I saw Tammie F. over the holidays and she is doing well. We talked about how fun the shows were there. Thank you for your music. It matters to many of us. Best to all.

  4. Oh for the love of God please get back out on the road! We followed you through the late 80s and 90s and on. Frst experience at Duke. Then East Carolina and anywhere else we could find you. Really really miss hearing you guys play live. Such great memories.

  5. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Caught the “classic lineup” Connells in 1994 and 1995 at Hammerjack’s in Baltimore, Georgetown University, and someplace near the University of Virginia, the name of which escapes me. Good times. If you tour again, please come down to Nashville, you have fans here.

  6. Thanks for sharing that!
    Fun amd games and One Simple Word are my two favorite albums ever, and I still listen to them often. Thanks for making such wonderful music! Are going to play in Asheville at some point??
    BTW, ‘Speak to Me’ is my go-to running song!

  7. No better memories than watching The Connells in Chapel Hill, Athens and even San Francisco. Hope Mike and crew are well. Still fighting for justice here.

  8. We saw you at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem in 2014; we were in Winston for my 25th reunion at Wake Forest. My wife’s (also WFU alum) 25th reunion is this year in October; Any chance you’ll be in Winston for that again?

  9. Just listening to Darker Days a bit earlier today and trying to recall when I saw you. It was in Evanston, IL on the Northwestern U. campus. You were scheduled to play out on the lakefill but the storms were coming in. I asked one of you (i.e., the Connell brothers, I think) why you were so concerned to get out there before the rain hit, that you’d be under a canopy. You replied that electricity and water being near each other makes musicians nervous. Good answer. You ended up playing in the student center. They stuck you in a corner of the dining area and we all sat around in booths to watch you. Geez.. when was that? I would guess some time around spring to summer of 1989 but it could have been 1990. I miss your music and do hope you get out on the road again soon!

  10. Went to Elon College in the late 1980s, which was a good place and time to be if you were a Connells fan. I was, and as the college radio station manager I made sure they were always on heavy rotation. Over There was my first Connells love. Fun and Games remains my all-time favorite album.

    Bring it back. Tour. Release new music. Life is too short. Because once you believed you had something to say…

  11. Those kinds of incounters seem choreographed by a universe with great sentiment and sense of humor. Love it! Such fond memories of listening to your music (namely cassettes- over and over and over) at Presbyterian College though never caught y’all live. My tapes are long gone but just “searched” you on Apple Music – now listening for the first time in years. Wow, Such GREAT and timeless music! Much music that I loved in the 80s and 90s I’ve outgrown. (- the trumpet in “over there”- so fun!) thank you, Connells!!

  12. Hey guys. Is is true you’re recording a new album??
    I just watched a clip on youtube of the band in Virginia a few days ago.
    Doug and the band sounded just great.
    Please try to update website with any news of CD/release of songs.

    All the best!!


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